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Paragliding Queensland has been owned and run by chief flying instructor Phil Hystek since 1993. Phil started flying and teaching hang gliding in the 80's but quickly saw the benefits of portability and comfort offered by paragliding and made the switch in the early 1990's.


Phil has been instrumental in initiating and perfecting many of the current used paragliding instructional techniques used in HGFA certified Paragliding Schools in their lesson & course curriculum. Phil has also been an active paragliding competitor, spending many years in the top 10 ranking in Australia. Phil has also won the Indonesian National Championships as well as being Australian "Sports Class" champion in 2004 and has been Queensland State Champion. Phil has flown in countries as diverse as the U.S.A, Mexico, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Nepal, India, East Timor, Europe & New Zealand as well as running annual Paragliding Tours to many exotic International Paragliding locations.

Phil and his team of experienced instructors look forward to helping you to get airborne and find the "ultimate escape"

our courses

Our mission is to produce competent pilots, not simply licence holders. We pride ourselves on the quality of our newly graduated pilots. If you simply want a piece of paper at the end of 8 days, and believe that this will give you the skills necessary to competently fly your paraglider in a wide variety of conditions, then maybe our teaching style may not work for you. Contrary to most new students expectations gleaned from watching "youtube" or even from the personal experience of having done a tandem flight, paragliding is not an easy sport to learn. or at least to learn well.


Once airborne, flying a paraglider in smooth conditions is deceptively easy. The pendulum stability offered by the shape of a paraglider makes it basically want to fly in nothing but a straight line when in smooth air. The launching process of a paraglider on the other hand, is almost exactly the opposite. The glider seems to want to do everything other than what you want it to do. This is where your skill as a well trained pilot becomes an asset which will repay you over and over again with stress-less launching, flying and landing. For this reason, we feel that our training is the most thorough offered by any school, anywhere in Australia or overseas for that matter. And thoroughness takes time, so if you are looking for a piece of paper, in the shortest possible time, then you should look elsewhere for your training. But if you are looking for training that goes ABOVE AND BEYOND the minimum required for the issue of your initial HGFA "supervised" rating, and are willing to spend the time and effort to achieve those skills, then we at Paragliding Queensland look forward to taking you on board and help you "spread your wings".


Remember that your safety, both during, and post training is our number one priority. We are happy to offer ex students all the advice they need in order to make informed decisions on equipment selection, site appraisal and weather conditions.

our facilities

  • Private class room

  • Exclusive access to __hectares of training hills

  • Fully equipped paragliding shop - official dealer of Gin Gliders and Sup'air

  • Access to QLD's best flying sites for ridge soaring and your first cross country flights

course calendar

Can't find a course date that works for you? We may have additional courses in the works or be able to arrange flexible training so contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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MARCH 2017

Paragliding Queensland

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