Hi Phil,

Got my licence today and planning to head up the coast this weekend to clock up some hours and practice those smooth turns. Had to go back to work today so have finally come back down to earth after the best couple of weeks. Thanks again for your excellent tuition. I can see, after that comp, how it has put me ahead of the pack already with regards to safety. It gave me confidence knowing that I could launch smoothly and safely while all around me where stuffing it up. It also gave the launch director, Neil, confidence in me. Afterwards he said he finds it hard to give novice pilots, who say they have only 4hrs experience, the ok to launch. But after seeing me pull off the classic "Hystek" smooth reverse launch, he said he would have no trouble letting me go anytime! See you in the not to distant future for the step up to intermediate.




Thanks, we couldn't have done it without your dedication to train safe pilots! To get a compliment from you (who is known for his high standards) is an extra reward.




How are things in SE Queensland. I have had a week end and ten flights with Alpine of Mystic and really enjoyed the flying even though most were simple sled runs. I am delighted with the Bolero and Evo both working well. I probably have one extra day until I get my restricted. At this stage I must praise your tution highly, the thoroughness and precision were fantastic and a level above Alpine where adequate is okay. I am sorry I could not face another 4days travel to Canungra to finish the course but I would love to if possible with you come up next week of leave to get some thermalling advice and have all aspects of flying critically reviewed. Could some of my licence course teaching time be used for this? In a perfect world ( for me) you would be based in Bright. Once again thanks for the individual, careful and thorough tution I received, it has given me far more confidence and ability than I would have received elsewhere. I hope you have fully recovered from the delightful virus I gave you.


Ken Mclean

P.S. Thanks also for the Gin poster, most inspirational!

Hi Phil,

just a quick note to thank you for your patience and time today. I was pretty hard on myself after my last flight and was thinking the Oasis was too much, but I realise that I have so much to learn and desperately need to spend time on the glider so the Oasis stays... for a while:-) So while I was toying with turning the Oasis into an innovative doona cover, I stand by what I told you... I will do what it takes to be a safe pilot and am most impressed with what you've shown me today. I look forward to more lessons with you.

Talk to you Sunday night,


Hello Phil,

Thanks for a great week of paragliding training ! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to do the last bit of training. You're a great instructor and I admire you for your knowledge and patience.



Hi Phil and Barb ...

The time I spent in Canungra was the most amazing thing I have done. ...Please accept this radio as a gift in appreciation of all the time and effort that you put in to help me get the maximum flying while I was in Canungra. I will always remember how friendly and welcoming you and the other pilots were Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to the other pilots who also supported me and befriended my making learning to fly in Canungra a fantastic experience. I will let you know how I get on with my flying. Until then, thanks again and good luck with the future.

Take care,

Chris (Chris Barratt. Traveler from the UK who learned to fly in Canungra)


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the time, effort and commitment you have provided to me both during and after my paragliding course Thank you for your on-going training, encouragement and support. You are an excellent teacher and your enthusiasm is infectious but at all times combined with high principals of safety. You are a good example for everyone to follow. Once again thank you for your guidance and support, you are a champion paraglider instructor-pilot.

Yours sincerely

Michael Radja


Thanks for the photos and especially thanks for the opportunity to fly at Flying Fox. I really needed to get up in the air again after Saturday morning at Tambo. I didn't want to go away with a bad flight under my belt. Beechmont was fantastic but Flying Fox really has been the highlight so far. The best part was when you came up with us. The top landing was also fantastic fun even though I stuffed it up completely. I think I've figured out what I was doing wrong and can correct it next time. It was really helpful to see the video to get an idea of how much height I was losing by turning too steeply. The takeoff at Flying Fox was tricky but also a lot of fun. The way it picks you up before you get to the edge is unreal. Also for the first time I have a picture in my mind of how I swung back into the harness too early. I've found that it's impossible to correct a mistake that you can't play back in your mind. Every other time I've tried to play it back in my mind I haven't been able to remember at what part of the takeoff I swung back. We really appreciate your comments and suggestions and none of them are lost, it's just processing them thoroughly and putting them into action that seems to take so long.

Looking forward to flying with you again soon. Thanks


Hello Phil,

Thank you for the photos sent with your attached email and for the earlier email and photos of Fridays flying. I appreciate your assistance and advice in getting me to the restricted pilot stage and as a result I feel that I have a good appreciation of the basics of paragliding flight and safety. (Certainly enough to know that I need to do a lot more practice particularly to improve my ground handling and take off techniques!).

Thanks again for your interest and effort in training me. I'm not the quickest learner but I am always grateful for your tips and I do try to apply them as soon as I can. I really enjoyed the flight at Flying Fox - it's a beautiful site.

Best regards,

Paul McCullough

From: Mark Gamer

I'm loving flying and am going to attempt to start making use of some of those thermals next time when I'm flying in good steady wind conditions. Although there were a few "oh shit, where is the biggest tree" moments today, I am feeling comfortable (but not complacent) in my launching (leaving the hill in style the Phil Hystek way), flying and landing and am learning more with every flight. I have watched other pilots and am confident that I have had the best training possible to kick off my flyingand I thank you for that.



Hi Phil.

I was up this last weekend saw one "experienced" pilot and a beginner doing his first mountain launch get sucked around the mountain due to not understanding wind characteristics. Once again THANKS for teaching me Excellent Method and Great Safety for launch and flight.

Your Friend,