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June 26th to July 5th 2020


Dates: June 26th 12pm through to July 5th 9am.

Iceland: An amazing, wild place and very different to any other place you will probably have flown or even travelled to. 


This will be a once in a lifetime adventure tour to a place on nearly everyone’s “bucket list” 


The 24hr daylight means that normal daylight activities can last for as long as you want to, or as long as you can stay awake, or as long as the weather will allow.
When if comes to flying, the conditions could possibly be good for up to 20hr per day and those wanting to make the most of those 20hrs will be pretty keen to keep doing just that. And with the 24hr daylight, why not take the opportunity to fly the midnight sun. 


The nature of the Icelandic summer, it’s variety of environments and the lack of night, make setting (and sticking to) an organised schedule very restrictive. The 24hr daylight mean that the normal daily activities like sleeping, meals tend to get thrown out of kilter. And Iceland, being stuck out in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, not very big and relatively flat, makes it prone to very changeable weather. The island is large enough that different parts of the island will get different weather on the same day. So in order to make the most of every flying opportunity, we plan to look at the forecast a few days ahead and drive to whichever part of the island which will offer the best chance to fly. So we won’t have any fixed schedule. 


The island is simply too big and road distances too large to base ourselves in one location and drive to flying sites for the day. We need to head to whichever part of the island is looking good and enjoy that part of the island before moving on to the next possible flying location. For this reason, booking and securing accommodation well in advance is not a realistic option. Doing this locks us into an itinerary, which may not be the best for the weather at the time. 

The tour is during the high season so short notice accommodation is sometimes difficult to find, and also at times, relatively expensive, so our accommodation will primarily be campgrounds in tents with the occasional hostel/hotel/Air B&B if the overnight weather is really bad. We have tents available for use although they are fairly basic dome tents so you are welcome to bring your own tent if you have the baggage allowance. 



So to join us on the Iceland tour you’ll need to be comfortable winging it with sleeping arrangements and being prepared to sleep out in tent.
There’s plenty of geothermic hot springs around to :) 

Remember that to come to Iceland (and to get the most out of the opportunities available), you need to be very flexible. The drives between flying sites/opportunities can be short, the fact that there are no trees make every hill a potential flying site. Or the drives may be long depending on the weather conditions. Pretty much every bit of food (other than seafood) is imported into Iceland so probably expect to eat simply for the time we’re there. Buying basics from the supermarket will save you money as eating out can be really expensive. Not to say that you can’t eat out if there’s the chance, but the tour isn’t one of gastronomic enlightenment. :-) 

With regards to flying, Iceland offers the whole range of flying opportunities, particularly thermal flying, and ridge soaring. Hiking is the main method of launch access, but there are many roads going to possible launch sites. To get the most flying from your Icelandic tour, you should be proficient at launching. There’s basically no trees on Iceland however, there are 

many areas of rock and moss and so good inflation and launch skills will go a long way to minimising potential incidents. Landing areas are usually huge and flat. Pilots with a Mini Wing (and the skill to fly it well) will get even more from the tour as there will be days when the wind will blow just a bit too hard for a normal size wing, but may be totally flyable for a smaller wing. This isn’t to say that tour participants need a mini wing, it just that having one will cover even more bases. But there’s always so much to see if you can’t fly for a day. 

What’s included in the tour:
Collection from Keflavik (Reykjavik) airport.
All transport around the island for the period of the tour. Guiding and advice.
Retrieves for XC flying.
Use of tent (depending on availability)
Drop off at Keflavik airport at the end of the tour. 

What’s not included:
Airfare to Iceland.
Meals, food and drinks.
Accommodation cost (ie, campground, hostel, hotel, B&B etc)
Ferry transport (even if taken on by vehicle ie, Organiser pays for vehicle, passengers pay their way) Any transport other than the supplied vehicle. 

National park or tourist park entry fees. 



We have extensive experience travelling and flying in Iceland. We go off the beaten track to take you to places that most Icelandic residents have never been to, and well away from the hordes of “bussed in tourists” (although there will be days when we want to check out those well patronised tourist “icons”). 


Come and enjoy a unique Icelandic experience and cross that off your bucket list... or maybe you’ll be like me feel that once is definitely not enough. 

Tour cost. $1980AUD 

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