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Here at Paragliding Queensland we've flown in over 20 different countries. We love them all, but we've picked the very best to run guided paragliding tours that give you the best flying that planet earth has to offer.

We run small tour groups.  Our tours aren’t "just" designed to take you to amazing locations, and let you fly amongst spectacular scenery... that's a given. 

We strive to help you make the most of your tour and return a much more skilled pilot by offering unparalleled support and advice in all aspects of flying relevant to that location/environment.    

We’re there to help you master the skills of launching, flying and landing in what may be a new and challenging environment for many pilots.  

All pilots, (and particularly those new to the sport) laud the help and advice, and appreciate their new found skills after joining us on our tours.  

But don’t take our word for it. 


  • airport transfers

  • professional site guidance

  • guaranteed to maximise flying days

  • transport between flying sites for you and your gear

  • tuition and advice from local and professional pilots

  • tandem flights included (where possible and practical)

  • share the experience with other like-minded pilots

Paragliding Queensland in partnership with Curious Goat Paragliding Tours have been running international paragliding tours for 15 years to locations including Switzerland, France, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, India, Nepal, South Africa and Madagascar. We're always on the lookout for new exciting sites so watch this space to see where we're heading next.


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The 2022 Tour is underway - share with us the places you dream about flying...

MAGICAL Macedonia 2022

An unforgettable flying experience.

Macedonia and the Krushevo area is the perfect place to develop, or make the most of your paragliding thermalling and XC skills. With a mix of, extensive flat lands, rolling hills and rugged rocky mountains, this area has it all.  It's little wonder that so many world class paragliding and hang gliding competitions are held at Krushevo. 

Looking for a reliable, easy and inexpensive paragliding cross country flying experience that has incredible cultural diversity?... Look no further than Macedonia.

  • Easy access to launch.

  • Cheap for accommodation and food.

  • Amazing XC flying potential.

  • Easy retrievals for XC flying.

  • Amazing scenery.

  • Super friendly locals.

Nth.Macedonia 2022

$1,690 AUD


Experience the breathtaking North Island.  Whether you're looking to tackle your first cross country flight or are hungry for a new distance record, New Zealand's North Island has it all. A fantastic range of sites within close proximity.

Our tours will see you flying the very best New-Zealand's North Island has to offer.  Thermal fly the ranges around Rotorua or soar the magical Mount Maunganui.  Soar the Coromandel and fly XC from the Kaimai's

  • Excellent cross country potential.

  • Picturesque soaring sites.

  • Easy access to all sites.

  • Budget friendly flying escape. 

  • Great range of flying sites within relatively, short drive. 

  • suitable for pilots of all ability and experience levels.  

march 9-17 

Click here 

for more info


Experience the breathtaking Southern Alps. Whether you're looking to tackle your first cross country flight or are hungry for a new distance record, New Zealand has it all. An astonishing range of sites within close proximity.

Our tours will see you flying what we believe to be the very best New-Zealand has to offer. Spend the morning chasing the perfect line down one of the best speedflying sites in the world at Treble Cone, Soak up the midday thermals on a reliable XC back to Wanaka for a pub lunch, then spend the afternoon soaring over the beautiful Lake Hawea.  All in a days flying.

  • Phenomenal cross country potential

  • Picturesque soaring sites

  • World class speedflying

  • Easy access to all sites

  • Budget friendly flying escape

  • Incredibly diverse range of flying sites within easy, short driving range

  • suitable for pilots of all ability and experience levels

The Swiss and French Alps are undoubtably the home of air sports. These mountains have played a pivotal role in the birth and development of almost every mountain sport in existence today.

Fly alongside some of the most iconic mountain faces known to man - from the Eiger's north face, to Western Europe's highest peak - Mont Blanc. The Alps have the best mountain access to any range in the world. Almost all flying sites are serviced by cable car reducing the time spent hiking to a minimum so you spend more time doing what matters - flying!

  • fly Anncey, the home of paragliding

  • soar over glaciers in Switzerland

  • make your first alpine cross country flights

  • launch over the picturesque Lauterbrunnen valley

  • glide over Interlaken, Switzerland and land in the heart of town for an authentic Swiss lunch

  • World class Speedflying.

European escape 2021

JULY 12 - JULY 21

ICELAnD 2021

June 26-JULY 5



Iceland: The land of "Fire and Ice"  

  • Amazing thermal flying with views of volcanoes and ice fields.

  • Limitless "hike 'n' fly" potential.

  • Pretty much the complete island is one huge launching site.

  • Stunning coastal ridge soaring

  • Fly 24hrs a day in the "Midnight Sun"

  • Enjoy a tranquil soak in one of the many thermal hot pools.

Time to tick this of the bucket list.   A once in a lifetime opportunity to fly the ancient Nordic "Saga" country on a tour like no other.  A 4x4 adventure through the Sub Arctic wilderness, combining thermal flying in the mountainous wilds of central Iceland and stunningly beautiful coastal soaring.

We have extensive experience flying the length and breadth of this amazing country and are ready to help you live an unforgettable adventure.

Due to logistics, this tour is strictly limited in numbers. 

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