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Preparing the Parachute
learn to fly with queenslands premier paragliding school
since 1993

The same passion in delivering the highest quality PARAGLIDING instruction now as it was when we started in 1993

about us

about us

Paragliding Queensland is Queensland's (and one of Australia’s) longest established, most experienced and respected HGFA certified Paragliding flight training facilities. 

Paragliding Queensland commenced operations in 1993 and we offer the full range of instruction including two day introductory and full certificate training courses, along with Tandem Paragliding Instructional Flights. The majority of our training is conducted in the Canungra, Mt Tamborine, Beachmount area of the Gold Coast hinterland in South East Queensland. Whilst most of our students live in Gold Coast, Brisbane and South East Queensland area, we often welcome students from many part of Australia for a period of Solo License course. 


Trainings run both weekdays and weekends at our Paragliding School and we try and fit it into individual student's work and life schedules; course can be completed over a period of weeks rather than in one block. We cater to small group of 2-3 students at a time to allow maximum flexibility for our students. Please call or SMS us for dates of our upcoming training lessons.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

2 Day Introductory Course 


includes all required equipment for training

 Cost of 2 Day Intro will be credited to full course if Full course is booked within 2 months of completing 2Day

Full License Course (Approximately 8 Days)


includes all required equipment for training

our school

our school

Paragliding Queensland offers a full range of paragliding instruction by highly regarded and experienced HGFA certified instructors. At Paragliding Queensland, we strive to give you the most complete instruction possible.

Paragliding Queensland commenced operations as a HGFA certified training facility in 1993 and has given the gift of flight to thousands of very satisfied customers since then. Practical teaching operations are conducted at a number of locations in the Scenic Rim Regional Council area of S/E Qld with our shop/service centre located 2km from the township of Canungra in the heart of one of the best paragliding areas in Australia.

Paragliding Queensland has an enviable reputation in the paragliding industry for excellence in teaching all facets of paragliding flight. Many of our past students have moved on to excel in the national and international paragliding competition scene.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our newly graduated pilots. If you simply want a piece of paper at the end of 8 days, and believe that this will give you the skills necessary to competently fly your paraglider in a wide variety of conditions, then maybe our teaching style may not work for you. Contrary to most new students expectations (usually gained from watching a plethora of "youtube" videos), or even from the personal experience of having done a tandem flight, paragliding is not an easy sport to learn, or at least not easy to learn well.

Once airborne, flying a paraglider in smooth conditions is deceptively easy. The pendulum stability offered by the shape of a paraglider makes the glider want to fly in a totally straight line without any pilot input in smooth air.

The launching process of a paraglider on the other hand, is almost exactly the opposite. The glider seems to want to do everything other than what you want it to do. This is where your skill as a well trained pilot becomes an asset which will repay you over and over again with stress-less launching, flying and landing. For this reason, we feel that our training is the most thorough offered by any school, anywhere in Australia or overseas for that matter. And thoroughness takes time, so if you are looking for a piece of paper, in the shortest possible time, then you should look elsewhere for your training. But if you are looking for training that goes ABOVE AND BEYOND the minimum required for the issue of your initial HGFA PG-2 rating, and are willing to spend the time and effort to achieve those skills, then we at Paragliding Queensland look forward to taking you on board and help you "spread your wings". Remember that your safety, both during, and post training is our number one priority. We are happy to offer ex students all the advice they need in order to make informed decisions on equipment selection, site appraisal and weather conditions.

Our "Chief Flying Instructor" is Phil Hystek. Phil is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors in Australia with more than 27 years of "free flight" instruction to his credit. Phil has taught in places as diverse as Australia, Indonesia, India, Iceland, USA, Europe and New Zealand, and is ready to take you to new heights in your quest for soaring freedom.

We don't sell licenses, we teach people like you how to fly safely

our instructors

our instructors

Phil Hystek

Paragliding Queensland was started, and has been owned and operated by Phil Hystek since 1993.

Phil started flying and teaching hang gliding in the late 1980's but quickly saw the benefits of portability and comfort offered by paragliding and made the switch in the early 1990's. Phil has been instrumental in initiating and perfecting many of the current widely used paragliding instructional techniques used in HGFA certified Paragliding Schools in their lesson & course curriculum. Phil has also been an active paragliding competitor, spending many years in the top 10 ranking in Australia. Phil has also won the Indonesian National Championships as well as being Australian "Sports Class" champion and Queensland State Champion.


Phil has flown in countries as diverse as the U.S.A, Mexico, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Nepal, India, East Timor, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, France & New Zealand, Macedonia as well as running annual Paragliding Tours to many exotic International Paragliding locations.

Phil and his team of experienced instructors look forward to helping you to get airborne and find "true flying freedom"

Phil Hystek - CFI

Guy Bolton

An ex-student of Paragliding Queensland, Guy has instructed in Australia and Switzerland and flown extensively through the French and Swiss Alps, The Southern Alps in New Zealand, Nepal and Australia.

His flying focusses around hike-and-fly, Vol-Biv (paraglider camping) and speedflying and his instructing aims to get students on their first safe hike and fly adventures.

Guy Bolton - AFI

Now is the perfect time to contact us to express your interest for a course as we'll be able to plan the courses around the dates which work best for you



Thank you so much Phil
I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to begin my paragliding journey with you. It was funny this morning I was telling the ladies at work about our flights at Tambo and one remarked on how she stops to watch the gliders launch, she also asked me if I could die doing this, I said oh absolutely I "could" die. Both ladies then responded with "omg how can you do that its so dangerous, is it the adrenalin rush?" I said no not at all once you understand your equipment, conditions, and have some humble confidence in your ability it becomes more of a distinct focus but is ultimately relaxing and fulfilling. I guess some just don't see things the way we do ha ha. We all feel super lucky that you were our instructor and I want to thank you especially for working so hard to impart the many key foundations and perspective on meteorology that have become so natural to you over your many years of experience. I definitely want to keep practicing and work towards perfecting my skills, the possibilities really seem endless.  
talk to ya soon



Hi Phil,

Thanks for a great three days of flying, ridge soaring at Beechmont was amazing!  It was great to get a lot of airtime and get a better sense of flying and reading and feeling the conditions. Next time I will get the B Stall:) Whilst this was awesome and yes I learnt a lot but upon reflection I learnt a very valuable lesson yesterday about launching and the state of mind a pilot needs to be in before launch. Reading the signs of fatigue, a challenging launch, a challenging landing, over coming some fear and having total control over the situation and glider. Discipline in patience, setup procedure, launch procedure and assessing the inner self and reading the signs are so critical to ensure safe and enjoyable flying. I will be much more in tune with this in the future and always. Thanks again for your continual tuition and support.



Dear Phil.

I can't describe how gutted I was not to be able to complete the full course the way the others did. I am 100% continuing to learn to  paraglide with you (and eventually become the proud owner of my every own equipment!...yes...plans to start saving already!)

Unfortunately though, I've recently had some bad news and as such; the week of leave I was hoping to use to come back on a course with you has had to be used for a quick flight back to the UK

That being said - if it turns out I have to wait, I have no qualms coming back next season and doing the two day intro all over again and making sure I have a full week booked off afterwards so I can complete the full course..

Believe me - this is not something I want to give up - the taste you gave me the other weekend left me with a grin for days :-)

I will definitely keep in touch and organize something as soon as I'm able

Thank you!!!!




Cheers Phil!
Like-wise I had a great week, I'm super stoked to have learnt to fly under your guidance, you're a living legend!
...and I'm certainly looking forward to more high flying! and etcetera!

I've just paid the HGFA Membership, and I've contacted the Canungra Club treasurer to sort out payment.

Thanks for sending through the questionnaire, I'll get onto them asap.

Also, thanks a lot for looking into an appropriate glider for me.

Talk soon



Hey Phil,
thanks for your advice over the weekend, it was great to see you there. I'm constantly amazed at how incredible this sport is. It has given me some of the most inspiring and satisfying experiences of my life, which, thanks to you, have been done as safely as possible.

I also have you to thank for my attitude towards the sport. I will admit, being a pilot by profession, I thought "I know boats", however through your guidance and patience, I am a lot more aware that sometimes baby steps and a gradual learning curve are more beneficial than charging at it "like a bull at a gate".

Thank you once again instilling in me the importance of good technique, even though I don't always show it, at least I am aware of whether it was good or not and I don't accept mediocre flights as acceptable.

I heard that you might be going to Europe again this year? If so, when are you looking at?

By the way, I'm absolutely in love with the Atlas! I was sure to point that out to the guy who was thinking of taking It for a test fly this morning.

Happy Easter and have a safe journey home mate,


Hi Phil,
I had an amazing flight yesterday, spent a lot of time just checking out the view, topped out in a small cloud above launch.

All the gear you've recommended and supplied to date has been top notch and all the advice/guidance has been completely sound, all  trips we've been on have been amazingly fun.. I really respect your experience regarding gear and know that anything you suggest will be a great choice,
For me making my own choices / mistakes regarding gear selection is also part of the learning process, and something that I've completely relied on you for to date.



Hi Phil.
As mentioned before I'm taking my family to Bonnie Hills next week. Looking forward to doing more training though whenever you're available after that. Ps. Having watched a lot of you tube videos recently on paragliding launches I realise more than ever how "pure" your inflation and launch technique is.



Thanks Phil. I did some experimenting today on launch and found that by trying your suggestion of not putting any pressure at all on A's, the wing came up straight. I also noticed at one stage that one A-riser had slipped through my gloves and was a few cms in advance of the other and I suspect this may have happened on other occasions and may have been the cause of my problems in bringing the wing up level.
I really got a lot out of your presentation last night. Like many people, I was taught to move towards the glider if it was coming up fast but always to pull down on the rear risers to prevent it going too far forward. I was very interested in your demonstrations that all this could be achieved without any rear-riser or brake inputs. I managed to get the wing stationary overhead today using this method. Unfortunately these days, I can't run up a steep slope under my own steam but using the glider to tow me I can and this probably keeps about the right pressure in the lines anyway.
Thanks for putting on the workshop, it was much appreciated I'm sure, by all participants.
We saw a classic bad launch example from a non-participant today that would have made a good video to add to your collection. The wing overshot so far that it had a huge frontal before the pilot left the ground. It then went asymmetric as he continued running flat-out and lurched off the hill, his weight re-inflating the wing into a violent pendulum as he left the hill and then almost collapsed again as he overcorrected causing severe pitching. After he got settled he got on the radio and asked " What the hell just happened on my launch?" Rob Wilton was able to let him know exactly where he went wrong.



Hi Phil

Kris from Canberra here - you spoke to me last weekend about my appalling landing at Tambo LZ.

i just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to talk to me about it.  I know it is one of the more challenging things experienced pilots often face and I just wanted you to know that I did listen and have taken your comments on board.  

I have subsequently talked through the incident with a couple of the senior pilots here in Canberra and am aware I made a combination of poor decisions that day.  I think being more current, improved decision making and doing a shit load of ground handling will help to overcome most of what went on last weekend.  

Thanks again.  I really appreciate you taking the time to discuss it.




Hi Phil, Sorry but since I showed up a bit late, and you seemed to have your hands full but well organized I decided it might be better get together and chat ahead of time for the next one. And I would be glad to help.
As you know I am a fairly new club member but from what I've seen so far I think your doing a great job for the flying community and your passion as an instructor is very obvious. I don't really think most pilots realize where we would be without people like you and Ken and a few others that love our sports and work unselfishly to perpetuate them. 
Keep up the good work, we'll catch up.



Mate, a very interesting and thought provoking article you wrote in Sky Sailor. Absolutely true and I think that it is because people have "gotten away with it" in the past and the fact that they do not know how much it will hurt and the potentially permanent damage you can do to yourself, which allows them them to adopt the "she'll be right attitude. Before I launch, I have thirteen things that I need to check before I inflate my glider, the last of which is a mantra to myself "if I fuck this up, I can kill myself". It has stopped me from launching on three occasions so far. I credit you with instilling this safety first mental attitude in my head, I am sure it has, or will have, saved my bacon a few times.

Thanks for writing it,


Phil, here's one i recorded today, the guy rocked up with an ENB Wing, and a para motor, but doesn't even have a licence, now some of my take offs have been less than perfect. But watching this guy and I realise how very grateful i am for the time you spend teaching your students how to launch safely.


Omg Phil. Omg!! It had to be done. It was amazing. We soared at Teewah for 3 hours straight this arvo. Amazing, serene and beautiful. I went along the ridge far away from everyone else and felt calmly isolated and tiny in that beautiful big sky with endless green disappearing to mountains on one side and intense ocean blurring into the horizon. Shitty text can't describe it well enough - but I'm sure you know what I mean just fine :) practiced big ears, collapses and speed bar. So much lift at the end of the day we had to speed bar out over the water to lose altitude. I did your training proud with perfect descent and landing. Lots of people overshot by ages. I will give you all the details next time we chat. Lots to tell. Thanks for your training Phil. Not that Shane would admit it, but we were confident and independent compared to some of his guys. I will tell you some horror stories about gliders in trees AND a undone straps!!! But I shouldn't kiss and tell. Secrets

Hi Phil.
You're right. I did feel very comfortable with the new harness. A total pleasure to fly.

My first flight was quite nerve racking actually. The weather hasn't been too friendly.
That was the strongest and cross wind I've launched in. I watched a lot of solo guys having trouble, people getting caught in their lines blowing everywhere, taking several attempts.

With the new harness I had a lot on my mind. So I found a wind break behind all the tandem vehicles and went through all my checks, pulled the wing into a rosette and walked on launch. Pulled it straight up, held it over head, quick check, turned, controlled direction, a few light steps later I floated off. Really proud.
Your training the best mate! Thanks. I looked super cool. :p

Flew through my first cloud too! Awesome.

Hi Phil,
Thank you very much for yesterday afternoon at the training hill.
It was a great reassurance to check, untangle, gear up, launch, fly and land safely under your watchful eyes.
It gave us confidence in gear and our capabilities as well as it demonstrated our limits.
To master and sometimes not, the somewhat tricky conditions at the higher hill side showed me my place in this sport. There is so much more to learn!
At least it made me more vigilant about wind, observations in nature, reading the launch side and the surrounding.
I have learned a lot yesterday.
Despite the fact that all my muscles are sore today, it was so much fun. It freed my mind and made me feel happy.
And you are very generous to take us all out to the training hill for the sake of paragliding!
Thank you very much.
Many happy landings
L & F

Thank you more than you can ever know Phil, you gave me the ability to believe in myself again. It hits me deep in my core and I will never forget it.


Hi Phil.

Thanks again for an entertaining and enlightening week. I have already been at my daughter about changing her mind about going to Manilla. I will rest a lot easier when I am successful in getting her to come to you for her training.




Hello Phil,
Thanks for the email, invoice and opportunity to staying in touch to help me get off the ground. I really enjoyed the course and would not hesitate to recommend PGQLD and your instruction.  I plan to stay in touch (also monitoring your twitter page) and possibly come out to visit when your next full training course is running in October to finalise some of the ground handling and flight skills.  I have already visited the oval at Pelican Park in Clontarf (which worked out really well) so hopefully by the time you return from over-seas I should well and truly have the inflation procedure nailed.
You were absolutely right about the new canopy, it just wants to fly, and I am really wrapped with it and the harness, thank you for the guidance in selecting them.
Thanks again


Hi Phil

Thanks so much for your time today and your advice. Can't wipe the grin off my face... That time along the ridge was fantastic.

How was that last launch? Felt ok but perhaps I needed a bit more urgency in the katabatic conditions. I didn't feel like I tried to launch but was happy just to let the ground fall away. I was happier with both landings today and felt like i assessed the conditions and made a decision.

Thanks again for your time, it is much appreciated.



Hi Phil,
I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. I have no greater respect and admiration for any one more than you, you have changed my life and you continue to do so. If there is anything I can ever do in return I hope you know that I would gladly do it. Whenever I see you it makes me realize that I can do a lot more. Thanks again Phil, I hope you have a good day.
Kind Regards



Hey Phil great weekend dispute my little mishap. As always thanks for your wisdom in all things that help us fly safer.


Thanks Phillip. I think u ought to be proud of yrslf as although we do little stupid things at times, I reckon Greg, Rock, Sim & myself (particularly) are gaining competency rapidly & we owe a hell of a lot of it to you & respect u a great deal. not to mention seeing lots of your older students doing awesome stuff. I'm sure u don't get as much recognition as u deserve but that's life I guess. I'm shattered after a huge day.
Regards  M



Thank you again for everything Phil, I thoroughly appreciate all the invaluable knowledge that I have aquired from you, and have had such a fantastic time learning and meeting great people that now I must try to adjust to not being in the course! Totally imersive environment mate. Look forward too seeing you again soon and heading out for some fantastic flying. Will do you proud every launch I stand on, there will be no doubt who trained me!



Hi Phil, Just wanted to say thank you for all the training last week, it was a lot of fun. I know I didn't do very well on Sunday as I was a bit distracted and had some other things on my mind. Although I feel as though I learnt a lot last week. I am very keen to become a safe pilot and I am also impressed how much I learned from you compared to my last instructor. Thanks again... H



Hi Phil,
We had a great Xmas and Boxing Day. I hope you did to. Really hope to fly over the weekend if possible. Would be a great way to start the new year.
I really look forward to flying with you this year. Thanks for changing my life!



Hi Phil,
I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you turn your phone off and have some time to yourself before you head to New Zealand!!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into teaching me to paraglide, I have enjoyed every minute I am on the hill!!! You have awoken a passion in me. Hopefully one day I can make it look as effortless as you do, in twenty years or so!
I look forward to flying with you in the new year
Thanks Heaps



Hey Phil,
Packed me bags and heading-off to Europe.
I’ve had a lot of challenges this year some good, some not so, but the best thing was learning to fly with you!
You are an excellent bloke Phil Hystek and it’s a privilege to be part of your novice group.
Take care of yourself and good luck with the tour to New Zealand!
See you in January

Hi all,

I would like to thank Phil for the intermediate licence theory night. It was great, I understand things better now. Martin already tested me and was amazed that I knew the answers :)
Phil, you are great instructor and big asset to the club. We are lucky to have you.

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