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Preparing the Parachute
learn to fly with queenslands premier paragliding school
since 1993

The same passion in delivering the highest quality PARAGLIDING instruction now as it was when we started in 1993

about us

about us

Paragliding Queensland is Queensland's (and one of Australia’s) longest established, most experienced and respected HGFA certified Paragliding flight training facilities. 

Paragliding Queensland commenced operations in 1993 and we offer the full range of instruction including two day introductory and full certificate training courses, along with Tandem Paragliding Instructional Flights. The majority of our training is conducted in the Canungra, Mt Tamborine, Beachmount area of the Gold Coast hinterland in South East Queensland. Whilst most of our students live in Gold Coast, Brisbane and South East Queensland area, we often welcome students from many part of Australia for a period of Solo License course. 


Trainings run both weekdays and weekends at our Paragliding School and we try and fit it into individual student's work and life schedules; course can be completed over a period of weeks rather than in one block. We cater to small group of 2-3 students at a time to allow maximum flexibility for our students. Please call or SMS us for dates of our upcoming training lessons.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

2 Day Introductory Course 


includes all required equipment for training

 Cost of 2 Day Intro will be credited to full course if Full course is booked within 2 months of completing 2Day

Full License Course (Approximately 8 Days)


includes all required equipment for training

our school

our school

Paragliding Queensland offers a full range of paragliding instruction by highly regarded and experienced HGFA certified instructors. At Paragliding Queensland, we strive to give you the most complete instruction possible.

Paragliding Queensland commenced operations as a HGFA certified training facility in 1993 and has given the gift of flight to thousands of very satisfied customers since then. Practical teaching operations are conducted at a number of locations in the Scenic Rim Regional Council area of S/E Qld with our shop/service centre located 2km from the township of Canungra in the heart of one of the best paragliding areas in Australia.

Paragliding Queensland has an enviable reputation in the paragliding industry for excellence in teaching all facets of paragliding flight. Many of our past students have moved on to excel in the national and international paragliding competition scene.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our newly graduated pilots. If you simply want a piece of paper at the end of 8 days, and believe that this will give you the skills necessary to competently fly your paraglider in a wide variety of conditions, then maybe our teaching style may not work for you. Contrary to most new students expectations (usually gained from watching a plethora of "youtube" videos), or even from the personal experience of having done a tandem flight, paragliding is not an easy sport to learn, or at least not easy to learn well.

Once airborne, flying a paraglider in smooth conditions is deceptively easy. The pendulum stability offered by the shape of a paraglider makes the glider want to fly in a totally straight line without any pilot input in smooth air.

The launching process of a paraglider on the other hand, is almost exactly the opposite. The glider seems to want to do everything other than what you want it to do. This is where your skill as a well trained pilot becomes an asset which will repay you over and over again with stress-less launching, flying and landing. For this reason, we feel that our training is the most thorough offered by any school, anywhere in Australia or overseas for that matter. And thoroughness takes time, so if you are looking for a piece of paper, in the shortest possible time, then you should look elsewhere for your training. But if you are looking for training that goes ABOVE AND BEYOND the minimum required for the issue of your initial HGFA PG-2 rating, and are willing to spend the time and effort to achieve those skills, then we at Paragliding Queensland look forward to taking you on board and help you "spread your wings". Remember that your safety, both during, and post training is our number one priority. We are happy to offer ex students all the advice they need in order to make informed decisions on equipment selection, site appraisal and weather conditions.

Our "Chief Flying Instructor" is Phil Hystek. Phil is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors in Australia with more than 27 years of "free flight" instruction to his credit. Phil has taught in places as diverse as Australia, Indonesia, India, Iceland, USA, Europe and New Zealand, and is ready to take you to new heights in your quest for soaring freedom.

We don't sell licenses, we teach people like you how to fly safely

our instructors

our instructors

Phil Hystek

Paragliding Queensland was started, and has been owned and operated by Phil Hystek since 1993.

Phil started flying and teaching hang gliding in the late 1980's but quickly saw the benefits of portability and comfort offered by paragliding and made the switch in the early 1990's. Phil has been instrumental in initiating and perfecting many of the current widely used paragliding instructional techniques used in HGFA certified Paragliding Schools in their lesson & course curriculum. Phil has also been an active paragliding competitor, spending many years in the top 10 ranking in Australia. Phil has also won the Indonesian National Championships as well as being Australian "Sports Class" champion and Queensland State Champion.


Phil has flown in countries as diverse as the U.S.A, Mexico, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Nepal, India, East Timor, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, France & New Zealand, Macedonia as well as running annual Paragliding Tours to many exotic International Paragliding locations.

Phil and his team of experienced instructors look forward to helping you to get airborne and find "true flying freedom"

Phil Hystek - CFI

Guy Bolton

An ex-student of Paragliding Queensland, Guy has instructed in Australia and Switzerland and flown extensively through the French and Swiss Alps, The Southern Alps in New Zealand, Nepal and Australia.

His flying focusses around hike-and-fly, Vol-Biv (paraglider camping) and speedflying and his instructing aims to get students on their first safe hike and fly adventures.

Guy Bolton - AFI

Now is the perfect time to contact us to express your interest for a course as we'll be able to plan the courses around the dates which work best for you



I have done multiple tandem flights with Phill and each time have been absolutely amazing! Phill is such a friendly person and makes friends wherever he goes. You can tell is an absolute expert in the field, and I wouldn't trust anyone else. Thank you again!

- Reese 

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