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A great way to experience the thrill and excitement of the sport without the need to undertake a full lesson course.

Our flights allow you to absorb the sensation of totally controlled flight under the guidance of your HGFA certified tandem instructor.

We are the most experienced and qualified tandem operation in Queensland. We have been operating since 1993 with a 100% safety record.

Our tandem operation has been featured on "The Great South/East", "The Mole", "Getaway", "Ch 7 and 9's News", "Totally Wild", ABC radio's midday programe.

"Experience the magic of free-flight"

  • Access to 3 beautiful QLD sites

  • 100% safety record

  • 30 years in continuous operation

  • Group discounts available

Tandem flights from from $200

includes $25 HGFA license fee

credit cards incur 2% fee

Paragliding Queensland has a number of different flight options available to suit your needs or wants, but all will give you the thrill of flying like a bird. 

Option 1.   HnF (Hike and Fly) Sunrise Tandem.  

This flight is for fit and energetic passenger who love to get up before dawn and greet the day on top of the mountain and fly down after up to a 1hr hike up.  

You will hike up before dawn guided by Phil who is the most experienced HnF tandem pilot in Australia.   Spend some time on the launch site soaking in the spectacular view that only a mountain top sunrise can offer.  Then glide down in the stunning early morning air, back down to the car.  


Note: These flights are suitable only for relatively fit people and the maximum passenger weight is 80kg and we are limited to one fight per day.  


Option 2      High Glide tandem flight. 

Similar to Option 1 but with a drive up rather than hike, and with a later start.    Drive up and fly down.    Great for passengers with limited time constraints who need to get back to their home early, or for visitors to the Gold Coast who don’t want to spend a huge chunk of they day waiting for soarable conditions.  Particularly great during the winter months and for passenger who have any susceptibility to motion sickness as the air is usually as smooth as silk.  Flight time is around 8min.  


Option 3.   Soaring tandem flight (either thermic or ridge soaring). 

The ultimate tandem experience.  Soar like an eagle on a flight lasting (up to) 30min.   Your time on the hill will be a minimum of 2hrs and possibly longer so not suitable for passenger with limited time availability.   Also not suitable for passenger who suffer from motion sickness.  These soaring flights are only conducted between the months of September to April.  

In-air video recording.

If you would like to take advantage of our video service, please let us know when you book your flight date.  The availability of this video service is subject to conditions including amongst other things, weather and pilot workload,  
Direct download. $30: 

We used our Insta 360 HD video camera and If this video service is available and used, passengers can receive the entire footage downloaded to their phone after the flight, if they have the “Insta 360” app installed on their phone prior to the flight date.    The app is available from any App Store.   <>  <> 

Edited footage.  $60.

If passengers don’t have the 360 app installed, the footage will be edited and forwarded at a later time.   Due to the file size, the flight video will be sent to you via    

Payment for this service can be made by cash to your pilot on the day. 


Passengers are welcome to take their own recording device up for the flight with prior approval of the pilot in command.   But the passenger will be entirely responsible for any loss or damage to their device.  

Paragliding Queensland/ or any of our staff are not liable for loss or damage to any recording device carried by a passenger.

"the most experienced and qualified tandem operation in Queensland."

Terms and Conditions 1. REFUNDS
No refund available for “no shows” or cancellations on the day of the flight.
50% refund is available for cancellations between 1-3 days prior to the booked flight day.
75% refund is available for cancellations between 3 days and one week prior to the booked flight day.
All refund requests must be made in writing to: “Paragliding Queensland” and must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice/receipt.
No refunds will be paid by cheque or cash.
Credit card or direct “online” transfer only.
Credit card refunds will be subject to 12% book keeping fee.
EFT Online refunds will be subject to 15% book keeping fee.
No passenger requested rescheduling permitted on the flight day. (Exceptional circumstances considered).
Late rescheduling (1-3 days) prior to the flight day accepted only if space available on the day requested.
Passengers must be prepared to, and accept, at least three weather related flight reschedules.
Postponements are usually on the grounds of safety.
However there are times when the weather conditions are not good enough for our desired minimum flight time.
All vouchers are fully transferable but the weight and age limit applies to all transferees. New passengers name, weight and date of birth must be supplied to Paragliding Queensland
no later than 3 days prior to the flight.
The “valid to” date shown on gift certificates is a “first contact” validity date.
The validity date can be extended by up to 12 months, if weather conditions prohibit flight on the day of your booking.
Your tandem flight experience (including launch preparation and landing)
is scheduled for approximately 30 minutes, however weather conditions sometimes reduce this time. No credits are available for short flights.

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