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Product Details
Rating: EN-A
Certification: Beginner
Size: XS, S, M, ML, L


Thanks to its design specially targeting pilots discovering the activity as well as those who want to progress coming straight out of school, the EONA 2 is the ideal wing to quickly learn the art of paragliding in a safe and fun way.

During training, an easy inflation without a hard point or overshooting the pilot’s head leading to an immediate progressive takeoff gives the student instant confidence and peace of mind. The Enoa 2 will accompanies them throughout their progression to success.
The 3-riser concept with right/left color coding controls simplifies handling the wing. The Enoa 2 sleek lines layout is easy to untangle and difficult for knots to form.
The length of the risers is also adapted to each pilot size. Their look and color schemes have been designed to make the instructors tasks easier.
Once in the air the natural stability of the structure gives the wing a strong feeling of passive safety, which is necessary to start and progress in the best conditions.

However, the EONA 2 remains a true paragliding wing with a real gliding sensation and an aptitude for thermal flight which will delight even the most experienced pilots. As with all SUPAIR products, the choice of materials and technical solutions was optimized to ensure the EONA 2 an excellent longevity.

The positioning of the profile reinforcement rods was strategically located to reduce friction on the extrados thanks to a “buffer zone” helping to avoid premature aging of the fabric and thus guaranteeing the product an excellent longevity.

  • Improved inflation abilities, progressive and easy to handle
  • A very long toggle travel ensuring a greater passive safety to the students
  • A “baby sharknose” profile improving the wing’s flight characteristics at low speeds
  • A more streamlined line layout than the Eona for an easier pre-flight procedure, as well as a performance gain with 15% fewer lines
  • 5 sizes covering from 50 to 130 kg hooking weights
  • 300 grams lighter than the Eona
  • 3 colour choices
  • Slim risers easier to handle, a more aesthetic look while keeping the Eona’s exclusive ergonomic and easy to use “Ear” kit
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