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SUPAIR | RADICAL 4 Airbag/backpack

AU$ 560.00
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Product Details

The RADICAL 4 backpack is a removable airbag module / reversible backpack, including a parachute pocket integrated under the seat for the new SUPAIR Radical 4 harness

Pre-shaped, the airbag has been reworked compared to the Radical 3, it comes further forward of the harness and uses a new, stronger material. Certification tests have confirmed that the product offers optimum safety.

The airbag module is also reversible into a roll-top backpack, designed for the mountains (multiple easily accessible pockets, a baton holder, ice axe holder, camel-bag pocket...).

Its new ergonomic straps and removable belt allow a high carry with a light backpack or a classic portage when the backpack is heavier.

The backpack is adapted to the pilot's ergonomics , with a larger backrest on size L than on sizes S and M.

The volume of the backpack bag is larger than on the Radical 3, it has been designed to hold a Leaf 2 Light glider, a rescue parachute and a standard helmet.

The RADICAL 4 is available in 3 sizes ( S, M and L ). It is certified up to 120 kg (against only 110 kg for the Radical 3).

The ready to fly harness in size M weighs 920 gr, and 2190 gr with the airbag module.

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