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Gin Griffin

Gin Griffin


Be Bold


The Griffin is our lightweight miniwing. It offers 16m2 of fast, dynamic fun in a package of just 2.1kg. If you’re a seasoned para-alpinist or ambitious hike ’n fly pilot, you’ll appreciate the Griffin’s combination of speedwing thrills and paraglider performance.


A versatile machine


The Griffin has an exceptionally wide certified weight range. Flown in the higher end of the weight range, the wing is truely fast and dynamic and is suitable only for highly experienced pilots. But flown in the low-end of the weight range, the dynamics are somewhat reduced and the wing is more accessible. By varying your wing loading, you can tailor the Griffin’s characteristics to the conditions, and to your taste and skill level.


Light but not extreme


The Griffin is one of the lightest wings in its category, and at only 2.1kg almost fits in a daysack! Despite the light weight, the main and mid- lines are sheathed for ease of use and durability. Easy-to-handle 12mm Kevlar risers are standard, and lightweight Dyneema riser and soft shackles are available as an option.


All-terrain action


The Griffin is makes it easier to launch in difficult places and demanding conditions. It has the performance to glide out of tight spots and a good enough sink rate to thermal up to cloudbase on good days. 



- Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT)

- "S-inlets" for better inflation

- 3 risers / 3 lines spanwise

- Colour-coded lines for easy identification

- Lightweight yet durable materials

- Kick down speed system



Lightweight Dyneema riser and soft shackles


Technical Specifications



 FLAT AREA16.00m2
 CHORD 2.27m

Quoted weight is for the lightweight option, for the standard option, please add 200g.

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